Forklift Sales, Lease & Contract Rental

Our Technical/Sales advisor will be delighted to meet with you to configure the right truck for your application and environment . Furthermore, we will offer you a free survey of your work area in order to establish the following criteria:

    • Product or pallet weight
    • Stack height
    • Aisle width
    • Doorway height and width
    • Terrain
    • Overhead obstructions and all of the areas and items that may affect the safe and smooth operation of your forklift truck.
    • Thereafter, we can recommend the most suitable forklift truck to suit your needs and your budget.

We’ll give you expert unbiased advice on the best solution for your business. Our aim is to ensure maximum productivity for your business by providing reliable, properly maintained equipment backed up with excellent personal service.

Alliance Lift Trucks can take your materials handling to new heights. We have served our customers with one core mission – ensuring client satisfaction.


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Counter Ballance Forklift
Counterbalance forklift trucks for every task.
Reach Forklift
Our reach trucks will meet the toughest material handling expectations, ensuring performance, reliability and low running cost.
Narrow Aisle Forklift
The ideal solution for high density warehouses, narrow aisle forklifts are the key to space efficient shelving solutions and increased efficiency as operating aisles can be as narrow as 1600 mm.
Pedestrian operated Forklift
Pedestrian operated trucks are ideal for light to medium material handling operations.