Forklift Truck Rental

A fast growing number of Forklift Truck users have decided that forklift lease or contract rental with a complete maintenance package can be more beneficial financially and logistically, than ownership with its attendant responsibility and lack of flexibility. Let the professionals take care of your Forklift Truck requirements.

Short Term Forklift Rental

Sometimes you have a need for a Forklift Truck but you cannot justify owning one. The answer is to rent a Forklift Truck from Alliance Lift Trucks who will happily deliver for that particular project.

Whether you need a Diesel, Gas or Electric Forklift Truck, with tonnage from 1 ton upwards, we can help you out. We also have a range of attachments to suit your needs.


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Counter Ballance Forklift
Counterbalance forklift trucks for every task.
Reach Forklift
Our reach trucks will meet the toughest material handling expectations, ensuring performance, reliability and low running cost.
Narrow Aisle Forklift
The ideal solution for high density warehouses, narrow aisle forklifts are the key to space efficient shelving solutions and increased efficiency as operating aisles can be as narrow as 1600 mm.
Pedestrian operated Forklift
Pedestrian operated trucks are ideal for light to medium material handling operations.