Is your lift truck safe and legal?

For peace of mind, insist on seeing the distinctive CFTS certification mark on documents and trucks themselves… It’s your guarantee that the truck is up to the legal requirement.

Only companies that are officially accredited to CFTS are allowed to use the distinctive “Kitemark” on literature, certification and reports and to place the famous CFTS stickers on the trucks they inspect.

You can rest assured that any Report of Thorough Examination bearing the official CFTS mark has been carried out by an experienced, accredited examiner in accordance with stringent standards and quality procedures.

Likewise, the CFTS label on a forklift truck shows that it has received a genuinely Thorough Examination, satisfying both LOLER 98 and PUWER 98 regulations.

Without this mark, a truck, company or examiner may or may not meet safe, legal standards – crucially, there’s no way to tell.

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